Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Another former Fed Prosecutor Says Politics Forced Him Out

There's already been much coverage of the fact that one of the recently "resigned" federal prosecutors had been pressured by two Republican lawmakers to pursue investigations of Democrats. This is an ethical, and likely a legal, transgression. Now, comes word that another former federal prosecutor believes he was also forced out because of politics:

New York Times:
The former federal prosecutor in Maryland said Monday that he was forced out in early 2005 because of political pressure stemming from public corruption investigations involving associates of the state’s governor, a Republican.

“There was direct pressure not to pursue these investigations,” said the former prosecutor, Thomas M. DiBiagio. “The practical impact was to intimidate my office and shut down the investigations.”

Mr. DiBiagio, a controversial figure who clashed with a number of Maryland politicians, had never publicly discussed the reasons behind his departure. But he agreed to an interview with The New York Times because he said he was concerned about what he saw as similarities with the recent firings of eight United States attorneys.
Let's be clear: federal prosecutors are not supposed to be politicized. It's supposed to be about the law, not partisanship. Will this latest scandal finally be the tipping point? How many more crimes and abuses of power will the Administration get away with?

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