Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Democrats retreat!

How's that for a nice pairing of words?

From the AP:
Top House Democrats retreated Monday from an attempt to limit President Bush's authority for taking military action against Iran as the leadership concentrated on a looming confrontation with the White House over the Iraq war.

Officials said Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other members of the leadership had decided to strip from a major military spending bill a requirement for Bush to gain approval from Congress before moving against Iran.

Conservative Democrats as well as lawmakers concerned about the possible impact on Israel had argued for the change in strategy.

Here's a clue to the apparently clueless: you won big, last November! Bush's approval ratings are down to the hardcore, brain-dead, GOP base! Speaker Pelosi's approval ratings are in the 50s and 60s! A majority of Americans want us out of Iraq, sooner rather than later! I haven't seen a poll, but I'm certain that a vast majority of Americans oppose a war with Iran! It's time to act like you won! It's time to act like you know that you won! This country is starved for leadership! Lead!

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