Friday, March 16, 2007

McCain Is A Joke

New York Times:
Senator John McCain of Arizona worked hard for years to make himself the all-but-inevitable 2008 Republican presidential nominee, assembling a formidable machine of advisers and contributors, repairing his relationship with the Bush White House and reaching out to conservatives long wary of his views.

As he began what was supposed to be a triumphant day with his first bus trip across Iowa on Thursday, he was instead faced with a sense among some Republicans that his campaign had faltered in the early going and that his political identity had been blurred rather than enhanced by his efforts to position himself as first in line for the nomination.

As he rolled out of Des Moines on the Straight Talk Express, the vehicle that in the 2000 campaign became a potent symbol of his message and appeal, he was in some ways starting over, reintroducing himself to voters and reporters and trying to address a host of questions that follow him everywhere he goes.
Sorry. The media might like this game, but it's pathetic bullshit. Riding an old bus and reviving an old slogan doesn't compensate for the fact that he sold his soul to appease the Bush wing of his party. Whatever honesty and integrity he supposedly once had are gone. Bullshit express. And anyone in the media that buys it is also bullshit.

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