Friday, March 9, 2007

FBI Misused "Patriot Act" To Spy On Thousands!

L.A. Times:
FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III accepted responsibility today for abuses documented by the inspector general's office over the FBI's use of its Patriot Act authority to subpoena telephone, e-mail and financial records of thousands of persons with suspected terrorist ties.

Mueller told reporters that the FBI often did not have sufficient safeguards in place to prevent abuses. And where it did, he said, the procedures were not always followed.

"I am to be held accountable," Mueller said.
Uh huh. Accountable. With a real Administration, he'd have been fired the moment the report was delivered. With this Administration, he'll probably be given a Medal of Freedom.

The good news is that the Democrats will investigate!

Washington Post:
Members of Congress vowed today to conduct investigative hearings -- and consider reining in parts of the Patriot Act -- following revelations of pervasive problems in the FBI's use of national security letters to secretly obtain telephone, e-mail and financial records in terrorism cases.

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