Monday, March 19, 2007

The Cost, In Britain, Of Being Bush's Lapdog

Before the Iraq War, Tony Blair was the most popular British politician in recent memory. Labour looked to control Parliament into the foreseeable future. Gordon Brown was the clear heir to 10 Downing. All of that's over. Check the new Guardian/ICM Poll:
According to ICM, voters give the Conservatives a 10-point lead, up a point from last month, when asked whom they would back in a general election tomorrow.

The poll puts the Tories on 41%, Labour unchanged on 31% and the Liberal Democrats down one at 18%. The Tories last scored above 40% in August 1992.

But when asked which party they would support in a contest between Mr Brown, Mr Cameron and Sir Menzies Campbell, Tory support rises by two points to 43%, while Labour's drops by three to 28% - a 15-point gap. The Lib Dems are unchanged on 18%.

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