Saturday, June 23, 2007

Trouble In Nuke-ville

Nuclear power shills are trying to use global warming to promote their own dirty, dangerous, and costly technology. Bad news for them.

Nuclear power would only curb climate change by expanding worldwide at the rate it grew from 1981 to 1990, its busiest decade, and keep up that rate for half a century, a report said on Thursday.

Specifically, that would require adding on average 14 plants each year for the next 50 years, all the while building an average of 7.4 plants to replace those that will be retired, the report by environmental leaders, industry executives and academics said....

While the report also supported storing U.S. nuclear waste at power plants until the long-stalled Yucca Mountain repository opens, 10 dumps the size of Yucca Mountain would be needed to store the extra generated waste by the needed nuclear generation boom.
And how expensive is Yucca Mountain?

It will cost $26.9 billion to build and operate the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump through 2023, the Energy Department said Friday in a new cost calculation.

The department did not release a new figure for the total life-cycle cost of the Nevada project, estimated several years ago at $58 billion. The department plans to recalculate that figure in May and it almost certainly will rise, said Edward F. ``Ward'' Sproat, director of the Energy Department's Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management.

The $26.9 billion figure, about in line with recent estimates, assumes that the department meets its goal of opening the repository in March 2017, Sproat told reporters on a conference call.
So, the current estimate is that Yucca Mountain will cost a total of $58 billion- and those cost estimates keep rising. We've already wasted more than ten billion taxpayer dollars, and the site won't even open for another ten years. To build enough nukes to dent global warming would mean an additional ten waste storage sites, and even if such could be found, that would mean more than half a trillion dollars more. Just for waste storage. Doesn't sound like the best idea, does it?

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