Thursday, June 28, 2007

Leaders Lead, Senator

US Senator Barack Obama (ber-AHK' oh-BAH'-muh) says he doesn't favor impeachment proceedings for President Bush and Vice President Cheney....

The Illinois Democrat says he's distressed by the Bush administration's ethical standards and secrecy. But the presidential hopeful says impeachment should be reserved for "grave" breaches of the president's authority.

Both Obama and US Senator Dick Durbin say having to deal with month after month of impeachment hearings wouldn't be in the best interest of America.
"Grave breaches"? Like what- domestic spying, authorizing torture, lying the nation into a war, refusing to turn over subpoenaed documents, using signing statement to undermine Congress's Constitutional lawmaking authority?

"(B)est interest of America"? Like what- holding criminals accountable, demonstrating that even the President and Vice President aren't above the law, or defending the Constitution? Good thing Senator Sam Ervin and Congressman Peter Rodino weren't worried about having to put the country through the horrible ordeal of restoring law and order.

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