Monday, June 25, 2007

Fred Thompson Could Be A Trailblazer

Huffington Post:
f Fred Thompson is elected president, he will be the first federally registered lobbyist to become Commander in Chief. Since his days as top minority counsel to the Senate Watergate Committee, Thompson has collected over $1 million in lobbying fees. In return, he has provided exceptional access to those in power.

Thompson's prospective presidential bid stands out in another respect: No campaign has been so dominated by staffers and advisers who have worked on behalf of Philip Morris, one of the world's leading tobacco conglomerates and a leading force in promoting cigarette smoking.

Thompson's lobbying career demonstrates his striking skill in capitalizing on his own government service and on the success of his friends in public office.
Because we need a President who isn't beholden to lobbyists, we should elect one who actually is a lobbyist! Particularly one who surrounds himself with tobacco industry hacks. Just guessing you haven't seen anything about this in the fawning corporate media puff pieces on Thompson.

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