Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Buying a Clue for Sally Quinn

Doyenne of the Beltway cocktail party circuit, Sally Quinn epitomizes thinking inside the box. In today's Washington Post, she has something important to say: the Republicans want to be rid of Dick Cheney. This effectively refutes one of the major arguments propounded by those Democrats frightened of an impeachment process that would include both Cheney and his supposed boss. But Quinn is Quinn. She misses the key point. She says the Republicans want to replace Cheney with someone who can win in 2008. Here's the clue: the Democratic Congress has to confirm any replacement Vice President. Should Cheney go, they can tell Bush to appoint someone to their liking- someone moderate, bipartisan, and uninterested in 2008, or he will have to serve out his term, and face possible consequences for his own high crimes and misdemeanors, with Speaker Nancy Pelosi first in line to succeed him.

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