Thursday, April 19, 2007

Fred Thompson Warning

Former U.S. Senator Fred Thompson, moving closer to a White House run, is getting support from his party's social conservatives even though he wasn't previously a standard-bearer for their agenda.

The actor and former Tennessee lawmaker met with House Republicans in Washington yesterday to discuss a possible candidacy. The 53 lawmakers gave him a standing ovation and Thompson later said: ``We had a good talk. I enjoyed it and we'll be seeing more of each other, I'm sure.'' The discussion covered abortion, immigration, his first marriage and the war in Iraq.
The article discusses Thompson's "Evolving View" on various issues, which will be important to watch. The media will be sycophantically slavering all over Thompson, who has undeniable charm and presence; but he's a Republican's Republican, and he supports the war. It will be important to undercut him, early and often.

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