Wednesday, February 21, 2007

For Armchair Warriors and Keyboard Commandos Everywhere

Concord Monitor:
The war of words between (New Hampshire) GOP Chairman Fergus Cullen and Rep. Carol Shea-Porter continues.

Last week, Cullen criticized Shea-Porter's recent speech on the House floor, saying it undermined U.S. troops. Shea-Porter called on Cullen to retract his statement.
He refused. And he called her vote on the non-binding resolution opposing Bush's war escalation "shameful." Her response?
Shea-Porter hit back: "If Fergus Cullen has the courage of his convictions, he should go enlist, because they're having trouble meeting their quota. He's young, he's single and he's healthy. If he needs to know where the recruiters are, call me."

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